Acura Mood Roads Sundance Film Festival


Spinifex Group and Tool of North America were engaged by Mullen Lowe (US) and their client Acura to produce a one of a kind experience at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

The experience was to reflect the Acura NSX SH-AWD technology, a system so intuitive, it not only reads the road, but senses the will of the driver.

Design direction was led by Bradley G Munkowitz (GMUNK) at Tool of North America, with software and hardware integration performed by Spinifex Group.

Acura Mood Roads is a unique project in that it utilises brainwave reading devices and dozens of biometric inputs, along with a spherical motion simulator to produce a tailored experience based on the users thoughts, mood and emotion.

The real-time 3D world is generated based on the users biometric data, and with the participants mood and emotion manipulated by the visual response of the world being generated, the dynamic music soundscape, and the anticipation and feeling of the forces exerted by the motion simulator, an emotional feedback loop is generated, heightening the experience.

The project has since appeared at the 2017 Silicon Valley Comic-Con.

Agency: Mullen Lowe, Los Angeles

Tool of North America
Interactive Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Digital Executive Producer: Dustin Califf
Executive Producer: Chris Neff
Lead Producer: Chris Kaliszewski
Level One Design / Animation: Peter Clark
Level Two Design / Animation: Christoffer Bjerre
Level Two Alt Design / Animation: Conor Grebel
Level Three Design / Animation: Michael Rigley
Level Three Animation: Sam Cividanis
Sound & Music Design: Keith Ruggiero

Spinifex Group, Los Angeles
Producers: Shea Clayton, Anthony Hickson, Narkisska Spruce
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Van Elst
Director of Creative Technology: Daniel Ha
Hardware Integration & Software Development: Jack Gillespie, Clint Hannaford, Nathan Hold, Leigh Mannes, Peter McNeil

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