Cisco GSX – Las Vegas – Laser Maze

I was tasked with developing a solution for a laser maze that was fitted out inside 2 modified shipping containers, for the Hub area at the Cisco GSX Sales Summit in Las Vegas.

The solution included 14 networked systems working in unison to drive the overall experience.

Players could compete against the clock in single users sessions, as well as a special event  run on the hour in a head to head team race.

The players would have to first answer a 4 question quiz that tested their knowledge of things learnt at the sales summit.

This would determine the overall difficulty of the Laser Maze they would then have to run.

Players would be given a countdown and navigate their way through the lasers to hit a button at the end of the shipping container to shut down the lasers.  They would then run back to the start line to hit the finish button for a total time which would be featured on a giant top 20 score board projected above.

The system included 3 live camera feeds, 2 for each maze and a roaming camera man for the special event team races.


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