Ferrari AR Showroom App

  • Technology:
    Unity3D, iOS, Markerless AR, 3D Object Tracking
  • Awards:
    Gold for Mobile Marketing - AutoVision Awards 2015
  • Video:


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ZSpace approached me to lead development of a cutting edge Augmented Reality app for their client Ferrari.

The iPad app allows dealerships to guide their customers through a 7 step augmented reality ‘walkaround’ showcasing the craftsmanship and innovation of five Ferrari high performance supercars.

Utilising the latest in Edge Based Tracking and SLAM technologies, the users are shown augmented content over and around the cars, without the need of any real world markers which have been traditionally required with AR executions of this kind.

Users simply line up a watermark of the car allowing the app to ‘lock’ onto the cars shape and from there, the user is free to move about and view the augmented 3D content.

Useful features such as being able to fully customise each models paint color, wheel types, optional components and brake caliper colors in addition to illustrating the underlying technologies make this a very practical sales tool in the showroom environment.

Short videos can also be recorded and sent to the customer showcasing options they may be considering.

Video tours of additional features are  launched from hotspots located throughout the 3D content, and deep dive technical information is also on hand via an intuitive touch based user inteface.

The content is pulled down from a central content management system, making updates easy to roll out to dealerships across the region.

The CMS also includes multilingual support, with English and Japanese supported at launch.

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