Marc Ecko Digital Muse

Marc Ecko had a vision of creating a multi-dimensional augmented reality experience and entrusted Boffswana to navigate through this very exciting and uncharted territory in terms of AR content and concept.

The ‘Digital Muse’ provides users an experience of intimate interaction with Lindsay Lohan in a way not seen with AR blurring the line between viewing and interacting with content.

Provocative footage of Lindsay shot for this campaign creates a fantasy narrative and reflects the traditional notions of the femme fatale, and the dangerous and intoxicating woman.

Marc Ecko and his talented team have been fun and inspiring to collaborate with, there has been no shortage of creative vision that is clearly seen in the overall campaign and site.

My involvement on this project began with initial prototypes, overall approach for the development team, and assisting the development team working on the website later in the project’s development cycle to help get it over the line, as well as past code brought in from other projects.

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