Nike Bootcamp

Nike’s Bootcamp campaign, having enjoyed a huge response in both Europe and the Asia Pacific, has kicked off once more. Based on the successful SPARQ and EMEA Bootcamp Initiative, the training program is aimed at 16-24 year olds and channeled through schools, retail outlets and Delivered by either a CD-ROM or USB Memory Stick the interactive content features high quality video and photographic assets of each region’s star players. With the goal of inspiring every footballer in the Pacific, the interactive progresses through a four week training program, with Nike football prizes up for grabs after the final test.

This project was focused on a tight and immovable deadline. The mass duplication of CD-ROMs and USB memory sticks required that the final product be delivered to the manufacturers on schedule, in order to guarantee that the campaign collateral was available in retail outlets and schools before the campaign was launched.

My involvement included the initial project scoping and briefing in technical aspects of the project to developers, developing region specific content for Australia and New Zealand, as well as integrating the Nike Armoury project into the interactive experience.

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