Optus Whalesong

  • Technology:
    Flash, Actionscript, Papervision3D
  • Awards:
    FWA Site of the Day, Silver - Microsite Category - 32nd John Caples International Awards
  • Video:

[Site no longer online. See video]

Boffswana enjoyed collaborating with M&C Saatchi and Mark for their client Optus and their new brand campaign Whale Song.

Showing off skills in Realtime Papervision3D in Flash we were responsible for the creation of the underwater environment including the modeling, texturing and animation of the whale as well as the creation of the environment it lives in.

Boffswana created the interface to ‘communicate’ with the whale. By pressing various keys on the keyboard, orchestral music is played through the underwater speakers creating attraction points within the environment that the whale will want to swim too. The attractiveness of these points in the environment to the whale varies with user’s activity on the keyboard. The whale has a series of movements and levels of activity that are relative to the intensity of the user’s interaction with the keyboard and the composing of music for the whale.


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