Spring Valley Save Your Sensible

[Site no longer online. See video]

GPY&R came to Boffswana to develop an online interactive 3D character and Facebook Application for their client Cadbury Schweppes Australia. The campaign for their Spring Valley brand, involves ‘finding and meeting’ your own ‘Sensible’; a comical character that inhabits us all, is directly impacted by our lifestyle choices and exists to remind us that we occasionally need to do something good for our bodies. The aim of the site is to allow users to see and interact with their own Sensible, inform their Sensible as to what they have been up to, and then care for their Sensible by allowing the users take them “home” to Facebook. Every users Sensible was unique (a combination of different model, face and texture permutations).

Boffswana’s challenge was to deliver the ‘Sensible’ using 3D character animation for web, TV and print utilisation.

Winning this portion of the project allowed the team to showcase our award-winning animation and sound work via our affiliated companies Iloura and Flagstaff Studio’s. This meant that the team could provide a fantastic end-to-end solution for our client.

We took a file format originally created for first person shooter video games from 10 years ago (id Softwares Quake 2) and used it to push real-time character animation to Flash via the Papervision3D technology. Extending on the work of the Papervision3D team and contributors such as Philippe Ajouxe, we’ve managed to create a fluid and interactive character animation engine, and combine it with some basic AI (Artificial Intelligence) to bring the Sensibles to life.

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