Jeep 4×4 Adventure – CES 2020

Spinifex Group were engaged to develop a virtual reality motion simulator that involved rigging a full size Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on a custom built hydraulic motion platform.

The Jeep Simulator is an interactive, multi-sensory user experience which takes place in a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It allows consumers to experience “Jeep Trail Rated” and debuted at CES 2020. Designed and engineered from an original concept to demonstrate the unique, off-road Jeep capabilities, this sophisticated mechanism utilizes a four-post hydraulic/actuator system to provide an incredibly authentic Jeep Experience.

The virtual reality content was filmed on location on the Hell’s Revenge Trail in world-famous Moab Utah, using custom drones and cutting-edge 360 cameras. Customized motion sensors were used to track actual vehicle movement on the trails to feed data to the hydraulic actuators for exact vehicle motion reproduction.

I was responsible for the development of hand tracking features and virtual button interactions, game play elements including visual and force feedback, and interfacing hardware such as steering wheel to their virtual counterpart.

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