National Museum Australia – KSpace

Spinifex Group (Sydney) engaged me to be a part of a team of developers, designers and 3d artists to work on a childrens interactive installation for their client National Museum Australia.

The installation is the Museum’s new interactive adventure game for kids. In this brand new experience, known as KSpace, children will build their own time-travelling robot then blast off to explore a mystery location in Australia’s past.

Designed for children aged 5 to 12, it’s fun for children and adults alike. Kspace takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Kspace is a three-stage experience and up to 12 visitors can take part in each stage. Visitors start their adventure in the Design Station where they use touchscreens to create a time-travelling robot. They then enter a Time Pod where they are blasted back to a mystery location, such as the Victorian goldfields of 1854 or Sydney in the 1930s when the Harbour Bridge was being built.

Visitors then use their robots to explore the location and collect points before teaming up with others as one big robot to complete a mission unique to that time and place.

At the end of the adventure, visitors move to a Cool-down area to reflect on the experience, learn more about the location visited and send home a postcard.

Kspace is a team game, and ideally played in teams of four people (three teams per stage). However, you can play with fewer than that.

Photo Credits: Adam McGrath, Hcreations

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